Smart people choose POSITIVE ROOTS to bring us together for our children.

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I am a single parent of two beautiful, wonderful energetic kids, who at times want to draw tears and even blood on each other.  And after watching this election for the last year and a half I have come to realize that it is no different then my two kids battling.  SO how I deal with them is,  I allow them to say one negative thought, because we all need to vent, but they have to also say two positive thoughts.  This has taught my children to think before they speak and gives them an understanding of the other persons, idea or action and that they are not as bad as originally thought.  So I challenge the world to Partake in this idea to spread positive energy throughout.  
Posotove Roots Movement

After waking up on the morning on November 9, 2016, and finding out the Donald Trump had been elected president and seeing all of the negative comments posted from the American citizens, I was offended.  How could we come to this point where we are being so negative and destructive to our fellow Americans.  SO I decided to start the POSITIVE ROOTS movement.  To bring positive energy back into our country and our world.  Negative energy is very destructive and counter productive.  I hope to get our fellow citizens of the world to participate.  If you send your Positive and negative (if you need to vent) thoughts I will post them but remember for every negative thoughts it must included two positive thoughts on that same subject. 

  1. November 10, 2016
    William Davis
    "You can keep your HATE to yourself. I will choose to LOVE."
Hope that this gives some inspiration for people to stay positive and helpful through the holiday season.  
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I grew up in New England but relocated to Florida many years ago.  
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